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Several studies have documented that mantle tanks have higher thermal performance than spiral tanks. 

Articles and reports on the efficiency of mantle tanks:

Investigation and optimisation of heat storage tanks. Søren Knudsen. Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark. Ph.D. Thesis, byg-r075, 2004.

Improved design of mantle tanks for small low flow SDHW systems. Simon Furbo and Søren Knudsen. International Journal of Energy Research, vol. 30, issue 12, pp. 955-965, 2006.

Energy savings for a solar heating system in practice. Simon Furbo and Jørgen M. Schultz, BYG.DTU and Alexander Thür, AEE INTEC, Østrig

Experimental investigations on small low flow SDHW systems based on mantle tanks. Simon Furbo and Jianhua Fan, BYG.DTU, Technical University of Denmark

Link to Simon Furbo’s comprehensive work on solar heating at the Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark